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Our Impact

Since we started testing Kindros, we've received a ton of feedback and ideas. Here's some of what we've learned. Thanks everyone!

Angelina, student at Babson College

Seems very genuine with the guiding principles of trust, simplicity, and impact. Enjoy the casualness of the tone -- it is inviting and conversational. The site makes reading about finances approachable and manageable.

Tiffany, student at Wellesley College

Being an intern for Kindros has been one of the most meaningful experiences that I've had as a student. Not only did I learn tons about financial literacy and the importance of spreading this knowledge to people who may not have access to it, but I've also learned how to collaborate with a close-knit cohort including 7 other undergrads, an MBA student, and a founder who is deeply motivated to help people of all backgrounds.

Minh, student at Williams College

Very nicely designed! I found it easy to navigate and the graphics are appealing as well. The informal tone is approachable and accessible for many users :) I enjoy how each economic term/policy is introduced with a high-level description without any assumptions on previous knowledge.

Matthew, administrator at Emmanuel College

I’ve looked through everything and I love Kindros! You have done an excellent job with this platform – I’m very impressed.  

Nina, administrator at Olin College

There is nothing like it in the market. The intent is not to sell to students and not to sign up for a credit card. The goal is to educate students.

Celeste, student at Bowdoin College

THIS RESOURCE LOOKS AMAZING!!!! I would 100% use this and actually read through all of this. I am super interested in this. It's user-friendly (I find it obvious where to find things). The information provides some of the most basic information I've been curious about (credit score, budgeting, rainy day account, retirement savings). The writers got it pretty spot-on haha).

Pete, student at Babson College

First off, I am glad I finally pushed myself to start this because now that I have started it, it is easy to set some time every day or every other day to complete a module. I credit this to the way it is set up because the way it reads and flows from section to section is seamless and it does not take too long to complete a module.

Ryan, corporate controller at a health technology company

For what it is worth, I have read many credit score guides, and this is hands down one of the better (maybe best) that I have seen.

C.D., student at Boston College

I definitely see the value in an interactive comprehensive teaching tool. It would be great to see this incorporated as apart of BCs mandatory undergraduate curriculum. Perhaps some improvement down the road can dive into car ownership, Landlord/rental property ownership, and weighing different financial vehicles to help achieve these goals.

Joey, student at Boston University

Just read over some of the content. Overall, Kindros is amazing. Amazing UI, really organized, easy to navigate, content rich and easy for the average student to absorb.. There is no reason why every student shouldn't be using this. 

Undergraduate at Boston College

My parents don't know much about this stuff. They are trying to figure it out too. When I come out of my undergraduate experience, I will out-earn both of them. I want to know how to manage my money so I can take care of myself and them. Even if I make more money, if I don't know how to use it, I'll still be back to square one.

Scott, administrator at the University of Michigan

I’ll get right to the point – I am super jazzed about our conversation yesterday, about what you’ve built, and about the future of what you are building. I’ve been thinking about it and playing with it quite a bit since.

Paula, administrator at Williams College

Kindros does not sell any financial products, advertisements, or user data. Unlike some industry-based programs, they have no stake in getting you to buy any product or to do anything in particular...It’s all just about financial literacy, so it’s a trustworthy endeavor.

Leanne, administrator at Bay Path University

I was so impressed with Steve's presentation (about financial wellness) and the work you all are doing that I came back speaking about it (to my colleagues).

Melissa, administrator at

It’s exciting to hear what Kindros has in store, and it was interesting to note the many congruent points between your mission and that of Sapere Aude. I’ll speak for the Board of Directors that everyone on the Sapere team is excited to be working together and for the ability to offer the platform to our students!

Pedro, administrator at Boston University

By providing access to tools like Kindros, “we want students to get beyond the noise to make sure they learn sound habits that will serve them well in the long term. It’s all about having confidence in, and autonomy over, your financial decisions.”

J.M., student at Boston College

I tested the program and really enjoyed it. I find the structure and questions very simple and easy to follow. I think this is a great resource for all BC students to have to help them gain greater financial wellness!

Caroline, student at Harvard College

I found Kindros to be very accessible and it was easy to understand where to start. I liked how it took you though a conversation. It was much less boring than reading a text book. Kindros makes it very clear why this content is relevant for my own life. 

Amanda, student at Williams College

Overall, it was pretty easy to use, and the explanations were pretty clear. I like the look of the page, and it’s nice to have a separation between the educational modules in the Learning Center and the other resources (ex: Planning Center). The rest of my feedback is suggestions for improvement, so I want to emphasize here that I did like the site overall.

M.O., student at Boston College

First of all, I think this is fantastic and will be super helpful to so many students. It’s really terrific – so comprehensive, easy to read and very well organized. Overall, I think this is excellent and will really benefit a lot of students.

Isaac, student at MIT

Wish I knew some of those things, this was the first time I thought "wow, I wish I had resources available to do this."

Leah, medical student at Boston University

Kindros is a place where students are introduced to different financial topics they can access through any stage of their life. It is a helpful tool and I think what can make it great would be to continually add new topics or depth of information to the course. Additionally making it multimodal with videos and downloadable/printable sheets would be nice as well. Overall, Kindros is a great platform and I'm excited to see it grow.

Undergraduate student at Boston College

I have no formal financial education. My parents were not financially literate. There was no talk of money in my home, so I feel like I am starting at square one at age 25. I have a lot of student debt, and I am trying to dig myself out while also attending grad school. I try to research financial advice, but there are a lot of differing opinions/not all are trusted sources. The BC OFLiP program (Kindros) seems like a resource that I could take advantage of to become more financially literate.

Marsia, administrator at Boston College

Students wanted to share it with other students and wanted to be part of “Successful Start”; they wanted to spread the word. That was exciting to me, and that helped us to build up the program to where I wanted it to be.

Undergraduate student at Boston College

Learning about money was not an openly discussed topic in my family so I am interested in learning more.

Nawrun, student at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Well I completed the course (Kindros) last week and I’ve been meaning to write to you ever since. If you’d ask me to leave a comment on the course- I’d say it was simply great. Starting from the initial look, to the features, to the topics covered were excellent. The target audience is huge I’ll say as this course is equally important to both teenagers & adults; proper planning is something not everyone is capable of. I really liked how flawlessly you handled everything from the anticipation of receiving your first paycheck to the emotion of receiving your last.

Hilary, faculty member at Tufts University

I knew I was excited about this partnership, but now I am even more excited. You’ve built a tremendous thing and I think this group’s learning will be even more testament to this.

Teanne, student at Williams College

It didn’t feel like a waste of my time, which made me very happy to spend 10 hours [going] through the whole thing, I think it’s easy to take advantage of people who do come from low-income backgrounds because you already don’t know much. It (Kindros) is making financial advice and financial knowledge more available to people who don’t have it.

Graduate student at Boston University

I studied business at my undergraduate institution so have a base level understanding of some finances, but none (of my undergraduate finance classes) are very applicable to daily life/personal finance.

Nakahar, faculty at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania

My daughter (27 years old) and I enjoyed testing out a couple of your modules. We found them very easy to follow. Her suggestions:

Really liked it.
Easy to read.
Wished there was more detail available if you know something about the subject.
Good if available for different countries.
Ability to talk to an expert if more questions.
Liked quizzes – good to explain why wrong answers are wrong.

David, administrator at Boston University

Kindros is the new thing...and we are happy to be part of their pilot program..

Undergraduate student at Boston College

Coming from a low-income family, I truly value financial literacy. I want to educate myself enough to make sure I don’t make the same mistakes as my family.

Bernard, administrator at

(Kindros) is magnificent and to say it is all for the public good is just beyond words.  It is a gift to humanity.  And I don't mean this in a frivolous manner.  As you well know, our education and social service systems have miserably failed poor and marginalized people in this country.  Too many people don't have access to basic life skills and wealth building knowledge, and they are stumbling along in this unforgiving world. 

Graduate student at Boston College

I never had access to any financial literacy. My parents never went to uni (college), never bought a house, and took a lot of loans so I was never surrounded by an environment where I could learn the codes and rules of finances. I really want to break the cycle and learn for my future.

Mai, Wake Forest alumna 

I've completed all your Kindros modules! They are excellent. 

- I love how all the content is presented in conversational form. It’s engaging and makes it easy to absorb the information quickly.

- The lesson reviews at the bottom are simple yet very effective for reinforcing learning. The quizzes at the end of each chapter are also very helpful.

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