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Our Impact

Since we started testing Kindros in the Spring of 2023, we've learned an incredible amount and have begun incorporating feedback and ideas from students and administrators at six colleges. Here's some of what we've learned.

From Students

Alissa, student Bowdoin College

THIS RESOURCE LOOKS AMAZING!!!! I would 100% use this and actually read through all of this. It might just be me being the conscientious type and having thought out financial questions before, but I am super interested in this. I also like the way the information is formatted (someone asking questions similar to a casual college student. The writers got it pretty spot-on haha).

Amanda, student at Williams College

Overall, it was pretty easy to use, and the explanations were pretty clear. I like the look of the page, and it’s nice to have a separation between the educational modules in the Learning Center and the other resources (ex: Planning Center). The rest of my feedback is suggestions for improvement, so I want to emphasize here that I did like the site overall.

Angelina, student at Babson College

Seems very genuine with the guiding principles of trust, simplicity, and impact. Enjoy the casualness of the tone -- it is inviting and conversational. The site makes reading about finances approachable and manageable.

MO, student at Boston College

First of all, I think this is fantastic and will be super helpful to so many students. It’s really terrific – so comprehensive, easy to read and very well organized. Overall, I think this is excellent and will really benefit a lot of students.

Minh, student at Williams College

Very nicely designed! I found it easy to navigate and the graphics are appealing as well. The informal tone is approachable and accessible for many users :) I enjoy how each economic term/policy is introduced with a high-level description without any assumptions on previous knowledge.

Isaac, student at MIT

Wish I knew some of those things, this was the first time I thought "wow, I wish I had resources available to do this."

Tiffany, student at Wellesley College

Being an intern for Kindros has been one of the most meaningful experiences that I've had as a student. Not only did I learn tons about financial literacy and the importance of spreading this knowledge to people who may not have access to it, but I've also learned how to collaborate with a close-knit cohort including 7 other undergrads, an MBA student, and a founder who is deeply motivated to help people of all backgrounds.

Pete, student at Babson College

First off, I am glad I finally pushed myself to start this because now that I have started it, it is easy to set some time every day or every other day to complete a module. I credit this to the way it is set up because the way it reads and flows from section to section is seamless and it does not take too long to complete a module.

Leah, student at Boston University

Kindros is a place where students are introduced to different financial topics they can access through any stage of their life. It is a helpful tool and I think what can make it great would be to continually add new topics or depth of information to the course. Additionally making it multimodal with videos and downloadable/printable sheets would be nice as well. Overall, Kindros is a great platform and I'm excited to see it grow.

From College Administrators

Marsia, administrator at Boston College

Students wanted to share it with other students and wanted to be part of “Successful Start”; they wanted to spread the word. That was exciting to me, and that helped us to build up the program to where I wanted it to be.

Nina, administrator at Olin College

There is nothing like it in the market. The intent is not to sell to students and not to sign up for a credit card. The goal is to educate students.

David, administrator at Boston University

Kindros is the new thing...and we are happy to be part of their pilot program.

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