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About Us

Our mission is to unleash the potential of an entire generation of people working toward financial independence and wellbeing.

We operate as an independent public benefit corporation with no affiliations, sponsorships, or financial arrangements with any financial institutions.

The name Kindros is a combination of the words “kindred” (a group of related individuals…like a family) and “logos” (the Greek word for logic or reason).

Our Promise

Kindros is a pure financial knowledge platform. We don't sell financial products, ads, or data. We promise to provide people with a safe place to learn how to make good financial decisions and take control of their financial lives.


Kindros is different because it's a source of unbiased financial knowledge built from the bottom up to provide people with a safe place to learn about personal finance.

Knowledge platform

No financial products

No advertising

No click-bait content

Does not sell user data

Private and secure


Other Sources

Marketing platforms

Sell financial products

Sell advertising

Click-bait content

Sell user data

Weak privacy policies

Misaligned incentives

Public Benefit Corporation

Kindros is a Massachusetts public benefit corporation. This unique form of governance allows us to focus on creating lasting economic and social value, while building a sustainable organization. 

The non-profit B-Labs provides the following comparison of traditional companies and public benefit companies:

"Directors of traditional for-profit companies must maximize the financial returns to shareholders. This single focus is called shareholder primacy. This inflexible legal framework does not accommodate for-profit entities whose mission and impact is central to their business model.

Public benefit corporation status allows corporations to opt-out of shareholder primacy and opt-into stakeholder governance. With stakeholder governance, a company is required to take into consideration anyone that is materially affected by that company’s decision-making, like workers, customers, local communities, wider society and the environment.

A benefit corporation is a traditional corporation with modified obligations, committing it to higher standards of purpose, accountability and transparency"

United Nations
Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations created the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as "a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity."


There are 17 U.N. global goals and Kindros is aligned with 4 of them. We provide quality education, improve gender equality, and help reduce inequalities through our financial education program. And our technology platform provides organizations with cloud-based infrastructure that enables low-cost online education.

UN Global Goal 4

Our Team

Kindros is built and managed by a group of talented individuals committed to helping people achieve greater financial control and freedom. We work full time, part-time, freelance, and side gig. Our team includes advisors, board members, student interns, mentors, volunteers, researchers, teachers, administrators, and partners. We believe our flexible and open approach to building Kindros creates the most trusted, accessible, and resilient organization.

A Note from Our Founder

The basic idea for Kindros, providing people with a source of unbiased financial knowledge, emerged from my experience as a first-generation college student and subsequent journey through my professional career. But it’s my family background that truly made me appreciate the importance of representation.

While neither of my parents had the chance to get a college degree, together they developed a strong commitment to making good financial choices. However, at times my parents found it hard to put their goals into action. They didn’t always know what questions to ask, the terminology was confusing, there were too many choices, fees were hard to understand, and the paperwork was a burden. And since they didn’t have much money, they couldn’t afford an advisor.


In short, my parents didn't know who to trust. Over the years, I became a sort of shepherd to guide my parents, siblings, and extended family on their own financial paths. Seeing first-hand the challenge of finding a safe place to learn how to manage your personal finances, led to the creation of Kindros. Since day one, we've been committed to providing unbiased financial knowledge, and representing the people who put their trust in us.

Kindros will continue to evolve based directly on the ideas generated by the Kindros community. We’ve incorporated tons of great feedback from hundreds of students, teachers, community leaders, family, friends, and financial experts.


As a result of everyone’s input, Kindros is a much better platform. Sometimes even a simple question, a casual observation, or even critical feedback leads to a big leap forward, so please keep your ideas coming.


Thanks everyone for all your help and support...we are just getting started!

Stephen Martiros

Founder of Kindros

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