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Kindros is Different

Kindros is different because it's a pure source of unbiased financial knowledge built from the bottom up to provide people with a safe place to learn about personal finance.


For many people, it can be challenging to recognize the difference between true financial education and financial marketing. The following finding from the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Board highlights the problem: “The financial services industry spends approximately $17 billion annually marketing consumer financial products and services... and about $31 million to provide financial education directly to consumers. The disparity in spending between education and marketing...makes it difficult for consumers to find objective information.”


What this means is that it's hard for people to know what to trust. So much financial education is really provided as a way to sell people financial products, or to get them to click on an advertisement, or perhaps to sell their information to someone else. The industry calls this "lead generation" by the way and what may appear to be a free source of financial education is really just click bait to get someone to buy something.


Kindros by design will never sell financial products, advertisements, or user data....never. Our mission is to represent the individual people and organizations that are part of the Kindros community.

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