Financial Knowledge

Kindros is a new financial education platform built specifically to help organizations provide unbiased financial knowledge. Kindros provides schools, companies, and community groups with a complete system for learning the basics of personal finance.

Our vision is to build America’s most trusted sourced of financial knowledge. We promise to provide people with a safe place to learn how to make good financial decisions and take control of their financial lives...a place where there are no financial products for sale, no advertisements, and no data mining. 

Learning Modules

The Kindros curriculum includes nine financial building blocks that serve as a foundation for financial well being.

Lifelong Impact 

Financial knowledge is an essential ingredient in closing the income, wealth, and opportunity gaps.

The Power of Knowledge

"Knowledge is the most democratic source of power."

    Alvin Toffler

Our Principles


We provide unbiased content and tools to help people make good financial decisions. We do not sell financial products, advertisements, or user data.


Our content, tools, and platform are simple to use and understand. Kindros is committed to making financial knowledge and buying power accessible to all.


We are focused on making a lifelong impact on individuals, families, and communities. Kindros improves people's financial knowledge and wellbeing.