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Kindros is a public benefit corporation focused on increasing people's financial knowledge and wellbeing. We do not sell financial products, advertising, or user data. 

Financial Building Blocks


Our Financial Building Blocks® system helps organizations provide a trusted source of financial knowledge to their students and employees.



Credit Scores






Lifelong Impact 

Providing a source of trusted financial knowledge helps people on their path towards financial independence and wellbeing.

Trusted Financial Knowledge

Kindros is completely different than many other sources because we do not sell financial products, advertisements, or user data.

Knowledge platform

No financial products

No advertising

No click-bait content

Does not sell user data

Private and secure


Other Sources

Marketing platforms

Sell financial products

Sell advertising

Click-bait content

Sell user data

Weak privacy policies

Misaligned incentives

Built for Organizations

We provide colleges, businesses, and non-profit organizations with a trusted financial knowledge program for their students and employees.

Kindros Platform Features.png

Easy to Launch

The Kindros platform is super easy to launch and manage. It runs in the cloud and can be up and running in less than 15 minutes.

Easy to Learn

We meet people where they are and make it easy to learn by using multiple learning methods.

Self Directed

Because people often start off with different levels of financial knowledge, we built a self-directed curriculum that allows people to explore topics on their own time, at their own pace.

Inquiry Based

The Inquiry Based approach is a time-tested method for engaging people in the learning process using short quizzes which provide instant feedback and reinforce important principles.

Personalized Exercises

Our built in personalized exercises let people see the impact of decisions based on their own goals, factors, and choices. Each scenario is incorporated directly into the learning module to provide context and relevance.

Guided Instruction

Kindros is an excellent platform for blended learning programs. Our online system can be used to support live instruction and training, making it easy to manage the details of testing, scoring, and data analysis. 

Live Sessions

We provide regular opportunities for people to explore topics through optional live sessions, podcasts, and direct updates.

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